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My hobbies

Growing grade A cannabis. I have gotten the growing down and now I want to start breeding my own. This would be just for me and friends. I would like to cross some of my favorites and add some higher percentage of CBD in my crosses

Favourite Music Bands / Artists

90s hip hop (The golden Era) Wu-Tang,Tribe called quest, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G

Tool is by far my favorite Rock band, I do enjoy classic rock thanks to my parents Pink Floyd,Steely Dan Doobie brothers

I’m a huge Yankees fan NY Giants

Favourite TV Shows

The Wire,The Sopranos,Law and order all of them Chicago P.D/Fire Jack Ryan, Yellowstone,Jack Reacher,Family Guy The Simpsons,Dude Grows Show ,First Smoke of the day basically all the Cannabis shows on YouTube

Favourite Books

Jack Ryan books James Patterson Alex Cross series

Favourite Movies

Goodfellas,Casino, Godfather,four brothers,Shooter,Die Hard all of them Step Brothers,Bone collector,Seven,Kiss the girl,Along came a spider,Cheech and Chong (the Trinity) The Other guys. Marvel movies Spiderman X-Men wolverine Iron man,Avengers Deadpool, The Goonies National Treasure

Other Interests

Spending time with my girls,dog and family,

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