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      So I recently became the owner of a sf4000 and will also be the owner of a sf7000.

      the question here is will both of them be too much?


      5×5  at 40watts a sq ft  comes out to 1000 watts

      the sf7000 is 650watts and sf4000 is 450 watts

      Im assuming they run a little less  then advertised so let’s say  they come together at 1000watts.

      Has it been done/ can it be done



      any feedback is appreciated


      good growing


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      @Area 51, I’m thinking that your 40w psf is for HID lights. LEDs you will only need the SF7000. Get yourself a 4×4 tent for the SF4000. You can check out my Sk #1 grow under my SF4000 in a 4×4 tent. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, 😉  https://forum.spider-farmer.com/forums/topic/a-new-journal-of-my-old-skunk-1-grow-with-a-sf4000/

      Hope that helps.


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